Product EvaluationBonding test for PU adhesive
PU adhesive is mainly used for bonding upper to sole in the shoe making process. Here we present the test to show you the bonding strength of the adhesive
Production ProcessShoe production process with water based shoe adhesive
Many famous shoe manufacturers now prefer to water based shoe adhesive for using it can reduce the cost for environmental protection, and meanwhile does no harm to worker's health.
Production ProcessPVC wood grain lamination glue
PVC film lamination glue is our hotsale item, which is mainly used for laminating or wrapping PVC profile or panel.
Product EvaluationTest for bonding performance of water based adhesive on sponge
Water based adhesive is now getting popular in manufacturing soft furniture due to its odorless and strong bonding as the solvent basesd one. Our technician will do a test with our water based spray glue HN-828A.
Production ProcessMembrane press adhesive
Door factory using our water based adhesive for vacuum membrane press machine.
Production Processlamination process with lamination glue
HN-808S is our hot sale item in fatories producing composite fabric for footwear and bags.
Product EvaluationProduct test for bonding leather and sponge
Our water based spray glue HN-828A can replace the solvent based one in bonding synthetic leather, fabric, sponge and foam.
Production ProcessSpray adhesive used in making swivel chair
SBS spray adhesive is widely used in the padding process in making soft furniture.
Production ProcessHow spray adhesive used in aluminum case fabrication
HN-87W is a type of SBS spray adhesive for bonding EVA, foam, fabric, wood in aluminum case fabrication.
Product EvaluationBonding test for aerosol adhesive spray
With a touch of finger, our aerosol spray adhesive can help you solve many bonding problems around you. Our engineer showed you the performance of our spray glue HN-77 on board to board.